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Materials: acrylic, epoxy, metal, glitter, strong, clear

Length: 2 inches

Strong clear acrylic charm with subtle glitter embedded in a protective epoxy coating.
Acrylic charms are approximately 2 inches, double sided with different artwork on front and back.

Each charm comes with an attached durable metal D ring clasp keychain. These make great keychains, decorations for backpacks, itabags, and accessories. All charms have a protective film on the flat side that needs to be pealed off, if you see a scratch this is probably only on the film and is fine underneath.

Packaged and wrapped in plastic and shipping in a mailer to protect during transit.


All Keychains are BUY 2 GET 1 FREE, add keychains of your choice to your cart and use code: 3RDKEYCHAIN at checkout
Domestic USA: 1-10 days
International: 2-12 weeks depending on customs

Artist: Samantha Gorel

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